Nowadays, many online casinos regularly open on the Internet. Most of them are honest institutions that operate according to strict rules established by regulatory organizations and are completely safe for players. But, unfortunately, there are not respectable institutions, the main purpose of which is for themselves not to provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy gambling entertainment, but to take away money from the player by any means. In order not to become a participant in an unpleasant incident, not to lose a legitimate win and enjoy only high-quality slot machines, you should choose the right casino.

All establishments should be divided into “Licensed” and “Non-licensed” online casinos. Remember, only in a casino with a valid gambling license, a player will be able to get guaranteed: safety, quality games and timely payment of their winnings. Non-licensed institutions are categorically not worth choosing, as they are deprived of all the advantages of licensed online casinos.

The basis of the principle of a casino with a license is the basic rule: the whole game process must be fair, transparent and safe. The implementation of this principle is achieved by the presence of a license, original slot machines, the security of personal information.

At the time of the establishment of the casino, the heads of the institution who decide to work honestly, must pass the licensing process in the respective organizations. The institution pays the entrance fee to the licensing authority and provides the necessary documents, after which the licensing company proceeds to thoroughly study not only the casino opening company, but also the founders and managers. And only if everything is within the law, the company receives a license to create an online casino.

In the world there are not a large number of organizations issuing gambling licenses. The most famous, respected and popular organizations are located in Malta and the island of Curaçao. There are also licensees whose licenses are necessary for an institution if it wishes to accept players from a particular country, for example, the United Kingdom.

A valid gambling license guarantees players not only that the entire gaming software located in the casino is original and tested by independent specialized laboratories, but also guarantees protection to players.

For example, consider the situation: Online casino, deprived the player of the winnings, on the basis that he broke the rules of the institution. In this case, if a player chose a licensed online casino to play, he can file a complaint with the organization that issued the casino license. This can be done on the official website of the organization using a special form or by sending an e-mail to the appropriate e-mail address, it is usually specified information about the license on the casino website.

After filing a complaint, the licensing organization contacts the casino. Finds out the reason, on the basis of what exactly the player was deprived of the win, evaluates the evidence provided by the institution and the arguments of the player. Based on these data, the organization makes a decision. Any party to the dispute must complete the decision. If the licensee recognizes that the player is right, the casino is simply obliged to pay him the full amount of the winnings withheld. Otherwise, it will lose the gambling license.

It is worth noting that there are also licensing companies that do not comply with the measures taken to regulate casinos and carelessly relate to the duty to defend the rights of the player. Therefore, we recommend choosing an online casino, with a license issued: Antigua and Barbuda, Curaçao, Malta, the Isle of Man.

Players can familiarize themselves with information about the company that issued the casino license, license validity, by visiting the licensee’s official website. All information is freely available or is available upon request of the player, for this you need to fill out a specialized form on the licensee’s website. Players can also click on the licensee’s icon located at the very bottom of the site (futhor) of an online casino.

Online casino with a license provides its visitors with high-quality and original games. Only real software gives players the opportunity to enjoy a high level of graphics, exquisite music, various fascinating scenes. Most companies involved in the development of gaming content for online casinos are well aware that slots gambling is, above all, entertainment. That is why modern video slots are a work of computer graphics and the fruit of the works of designers, programmers, artists and many other professionals.

Another important point in the original software is the fact of a license. Yes, the developers of the company, similar to the companies opening online casinos, undergo a licensing procedure. The process of obtaining a license is somewhat different from licensing online casinos. The most important difference. The developer company (provider) undergoes mandatory testing of its products in independent laboratories for compliance with the declared parameters, the main ones are: theoretical return to the player (slot return), volatility (frequency of loss and their size).

Having obtained a license, the provider can guarantee players that the gaming process is protected from interference by third parties, including casino owners, and no one can influence the “return” of the gaming machine.

At the time of registration in the online casino, you fill out personal information (name, address, postal code, etc.), and at the time of verification provide copies of your documents (passport, bank statements, etc.). This is a necessary procedure, with its help the institution can verify that the player is an adult. It is very important to be sure that this information will not be used by hackers.

In licensed casinos all personal information is stored in an encrypted form, and access to it is provided by a narrow circle of employees. Therefore, it is the most protected from intruders. Moreover, your personal information or information about your winnings is not subject to any conditions to third parties, only if it is state institutions that have the corresponding right to do so.

In addition to personal security, players are provided with a high level of reliability of financial transactions. All financial transactions are protected by the most modern encryption methods used in the banking system throughout the world.

We hope that now you understand that only an institution with a valid gambling license can provide maximum security and ensure the integrity of the game process.

Not every licensed casino, is ready to offer the maximum from gambling pastime. Yes, of course, the player will be protected, will play licensed video slots, but why settle for little?

Today in the online casino you can get not only pleasure from the game, but also various gifts, personal rewards, enjoy the game of board games in the “Live” format, bet on sports events. It is these indicators that make significant differences in existing institutions.

Therefore, when choosing a licensed casino, you should pay attention to the bonus program, the availability of gaming software, the choice of payment systems and of course the level of service provided.