BlackJack – Rules

Three-game Blackjack is played with 4 standard 52-card decks (no jokers). Numeric cards, 2-10, are counted per face value. Figurine cards, kings, queens, and guys have a value of 10 and ace 1 or 11. None of the 4 colors has a special meaning.


You play against a computer dealer. The dealer gets two cards and the player gets two cards in each box. Player cards are dealt face up while only the first card is displayed at the dealer. The player can select another card by clicking Hit. This can be repeated by the player as long as the total of his cards does not exceed 21. If the total exceeds 21, it is “drag” and the player loses automatically.

When the player is happy with his cards he should click on the State. This is repeated for all the windows the player is playing with. After the player has finished, the dealer reveals the card face down and decides if he wants to draw another card. The dealer must have a total of 17 or more cards. When the dealer is happy with his cards, he decides the winner.

The player wins when the value of his cards is higher than the dealer’s cards, or when the dealer exceeds the limit.

When the sum of the player’s cards is the same as the sum of the dealer’s cards, a draw occurs and the player returns his bet.

Note: Some casinos run a professional blackjack series without a Double Jack ™ side bet. In this case, it will not be possible to bet a Double Jack ™ bet and the following instructions do not apply.

Players can bet a Double Jack ™ bet under a normal blackjack game. Double Jack bets must be wagered after normal blackjack bets and before cards are dealt. After the first card is dealt, it cannot be changed or taken back.

A Double Jack bet wins when the first card in a normal blackjack game is a boy, or when the first two cards in a regular blackjack game are a few guys. A Double Jack bet loses when the first blackjack card is not a boy. A common blackjack game continues after the Double Jack ™ side bet is settled.


If a card of 10, that is, a card of 10 of any color, or a king, queen or boy, plus an ace, is dealt in any combination, it is Blackjack. The player wins 1.5 times his bet and automatically loses when the dealer gets Blackjack.

When they both get blackjack, it will be a draw and the player gets his bet back.

Note: A player does not lose a Double Jack ™ bet when the dealer receives blackjack.


If the Dealer’s visible card is ace, the player must buy “insurance” by bet and another 0.5 times the original bet. If the dealer then gets Blackjack, the player wins twice the insurance bet. If a player does not receive Blackjack, the player wins the insurance bet and the return on the original bet is determined by the sum of all cards he has against the dealer cards.

Same as above

If the ace card is visible to the dealer and the player has Blackjack, the player is offered the same amount and wins one bet.


When a player is dealt two cards of the same rank (including the same two cards), he can “split” the cards and double his original bet. He’ll play two combinations of Blackjack now, one at a time.

Only one division is allowed

The first hand is dealt with the second card. The player must decide whether to stand or take another card by clicking Hit. When a player has finished with the first hand, he must move to the other and repeat the procedure. When the player is satisfied with both combinations, the dealer’s turn. The dealer will now show his second card and take other cards until he has 17 or more.

Note: A player cannot take another card for split aces. The dealer will deal a second card only for individual sheets.


After a player has examined the first two cards, he can double his bet. He will be able to take one more card to complete the worksheet. It is also possible to double the bet after splitting the cards except when two aces are split.

Game settings

Click the wrench icon on the game panel. In the game settings menu, select to enable the following options:

  • Sound effects. Turn on or off sound effects for different events in the game.
  • Speed. Game speed selection. The higher the number, the higher the speed.
  • Chip Selection

There are different value tokens in the lower right corner of the game display. Clicking one of them will select your bet token value before starting the game.

Brief instructions for the game

Click the tile on the panel, place the bet in the box, and click the Deal button to distribute the cards.