Casino – Ten Commandments

The basic Ten Commandments for Casino Beginners (and often not only for them). Especially beginning players should follow this “ten”, or those who often have to end games because of fast losses and lack of money because they have been too rash, undisciplined and have no rules. It is not the purpose of this Decalogue […]

Roulette and its variants

Three major roulette variants are played in casinos around the world: French Roulette, American Roulette and so-called Anglo-American (European) Roulette. These variations may differ by the following characters: By the number of numbers on the wheel, ie the existence or non-existence of the thirty-eight number denoted as double zero (00) and their arrangement Placing and […]

Game system for beginners

Do you have the urge to play different money games, but do not know how or are you afraid of losing? If you have decided to play a game, such as roulette, for the first time in a casino, you should first familiarize yourself with the rules of the game so you can see how […]

No deposit bonuses in licensed online casinos in 2019

At this time, there are over a thousand online casinos on the Internet. They all differ among themselves, in design, a different assortment of slot machines, the number of developers and the quality of the service provided. But with all this, they have one thing in common. In every online casino there are bonuses. They […]

Manufacturers of licensed casino games

Any success or failure depends on the content of the online casino. In order to achieve success and honor among players, manufacturers of licensed casino games must adhere to certain requirements for their suppliers: No fakes, all software should be as clean as possible, i.e. have documents confirming the passage of all quality checks and […]

Bitcoin casino

What is bitcoin? Most likely, you have already heard about the new, digital currency, which was launched in January 2009 and during this period of time gained just unprecedented popularity. What is the difference of this currency from the classic “fiat” means? There are three main advantages of digital currency: decentralization, anonymity and the ability […]


Many people coming to online casinos pursue several goals, a break from annoying everyday life, relax, tickle your nerves and win. However, to the fatigue of everyday routines, they get a negative experience and leave frustrated. The thing is that on the Internet is full of poor quality, fake institutions. An ordinary player is not […]