Casino – Ten Commandments

The basic Ten Commandments for Casino Beginners (and often not only for them). Especially beginning players should follow this “ten”, or those who often have to end games because of fast losses and lack of money because they have been too rash, undisciplined and have no rules.

It is not the purpose of this Decalogue to instruct someone, or to tell someone how to play, but rather to recommend general, valid and many times tested procedures that, if you master, will make the casino game especially fun for you and win the wins.

Do not go to the casino if you have a big financial problem and you want to solve your financial problems or if you are motivated by a too lusty win. In the context of the casino game it is called “If you don’t feel it, don’t play it”.

Never take more money into the casino than you can afford to spend. Define the maximum limit of loss, that is, the amount that you can easily lose. Play your head and do not get carried away by the fervor of the game.

Avoid borrowing money for the game and also never leave the casino knowing that you will return with more money shortly.
Use only limited amounts of alcohol when playing casinos during play. The less the better you have a clear head and make responsible decisions. This also applies to a variety of other drugs.

If your physical and mental condition is not right, put the casino to a more convenient time.

You don’t have to be ashamed to bet minimum deposits even on equal chances. If you play with smaller teas, you will be less stressed out and enjoy the game. If you win more chips, replace some of them immediately for money.

It is useful to determine the minimum win limit, that is, the amount you reach when you finish the game. There’s nothing to add to saying “Before you start playing, you need to know when to quit”.

Patience pays off during the game. Do not rush to bet, if the situation does not require it. It is advisable to alternate between play and relaxation. Don’t play with hunger or thirst. Try to ensure that the game runs smoothly and you are not disturbed by anything.

Watch your bets carefully and focus on the game, if possible. Try not to be unnecessarily distracted by game-related issues. If you play by a system while playing, keep it as long as possible. Most importantly, do not play for money with the rules you only know superficially.

Be sure not to visit casinos and casinos every day.