Doug Polk: “I care how I am remembered”

By regularly playing heads-ups with the best players in the world on the Internet, you should be prepared for a huge amplitude of wins and losses. For one session, even for one hand, you can win or lose an amount equivalent to the first prize in a WSOP tournament.

For those players who make money from a big win rate online or play expensive cash in Las Vegas, it is sometimes difficult to find motivation to grind World Series tournaments.

However, Doug “WCGRider” Regiment, which recently took second place in the championship in unlimited hold’em on short tables with a buy-in of $ 10,000, all of the above does not apply. Moreover, according to Polk, he enjoys playing in World Series tournaments.

“I like that you just come and start playing. In cash game the situation is different. You have to be friends with the right people to get into a good game. I don’t like it all. That’s why I like tournaments – you just register, you come and try to win all the chips, “he said.

Virtually every WSOP contestant dreams of covering himself with fame and writing his name in the annals of poker history. However, Polka, who won his bracelet in 2014 in a turbo tournament in unlimited hold’em for $ 1,000, is not very interested in such a legacy.

I think it’s important that you’re considered a good player. You don’t want to be a guy that everyone thinks is, “his game is no good, he’s just lucky.” Whatever I do, I strive for excellence in this matter. but I don’t need fame to prove something to myself. It’s an interesting format that allows players to use their strengths and demonstrate skill, I don’t think I need to win tournaments with my nose. I just like playing them, “he explained. he.

The legacy I will leave behind is, of course, important, but to be honest, what I want most is to be remembered as a person who has successfully played the toughest types of poker at the highest limits against top players. I’m not very attracted to the prospect of going down in history as a player who was lucky in a couple of tournaments. ”

The regiment hopes that in many years the poker world will remember him for his success on the Internet and the heads-up challenge from Unlimited Hold’em to Full Tilt with Ben “Sauce1234” Sulske in 2013.

“The highlight of my career was the fight with Ben Sulski,” said Doug. “I worked hard and hard on my poker and won convincingly against Ben, but only a few congratulations. By and large, people didn’t care. On the other hand, I should have won a $ 1,000 WSOP turbo tournament, all of them People I hadn’t talked to in years sent me greetings. In this two-day tournament, where the average stack was almost always ten big blinds, I just won a lot of shows. and I’m still proud of some of our handouts.

“Speaking of money, I would like my material well-being to be based on my merits and online gaming skills, not on a few tournaments where I’m very lucky.”

“For me, tournaments are fun and an opportunity to win money, but I do not take part in them for the sake of fame and recognition,” he added.

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