No deposit bonuses in licensed online casinos in 2019

At this time, there are over a thousand online casinos on the Internet. They all differ among themselves, in design, a different assortment of slot machines, the number of developers and the quality of the service provided. But with all this, they have one thing in common. In every online casino there are bonuses. They generally come in several types:

  • Bonus is charged after making a deposit
  • No Deposit Bonus

We will look at the non-deposit type of encouragement, tell you about the main points that are worth paying attention to, the subspecies of this promotion, when and why it is given to the player.

No deposit bonus for registration

It is credited to the player’s account after opening a gaming account in a casino. As a gift can be free spins or real money. Basically, the size of this bonus is not large, from 10 to 50 free spins or from 5 to 10 Euro. But the main function of the bonus for registration is to provide the player with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the institution in more detail, and in case of success and get not a bad win.

As with any casino bonus, “bezdep” is available on certain conditions. Most of them are individual for each institution, but we recommend to pay attention to the following requirements:

  • Wagering conditions

In the rules of the casino, this requirement is spelled as “wager”. Depending on its size and depends on the player will be able to fulfill this requirement or not. The lower the value of this indicator, the higher the probability of winning. Wager – the amount of bets that a player needs to make.

Consider an example. The player registered at the institution, and received 10 non-deposit spins in the video slot, with a x50 wager. After he won back free spins, the winning amount was 1,500 Russian rubles. From which it follows that in order to withdraw bonus funds, it is required to make bets: 1500 (Win) x 50 (Wager) = 75 000 rubles. That is the amount required to make bets in casino games. It is worth noting that with enough luck it is more than real.

The following parameter is very important and affects the whole game process in general:

  • Maximum Bid Allowed

When playing with bonus funds, players should never exceed the maximum bet set by online casinos. If this rule is violated, the player may be deprived of the winnings. On average, a good enough parameter will be if the amount of the bid is equal to 300 rubles or 5 Euro.

Some online casinos have an automatic rate limit, that is, during the game you will not be able to bet more than the approved value. Therefore, before starting the game, consult the support service if the casino provides such functionality.

  • Allowed Games

The casino has a list of games that are not allowed to play with an active bonus on the gaming account. The full list of games is always specified in the bonus rules or in the description to the halt. Before starting the game, be sure to read this list. Although some casinos do not automatically allow to download a slot if you cannot play it with a bonus. In the overwhelming number of cases, if you still made bets in games from the “banned list”, then you simply will not have, there is a decrease in the wager. But there are casinos that use this rule in order to deprive the player of the winnings, so be careful.

  • Maximum withdrawal

The amount available to the player, as a rule, always has a limit and is specified in the bonus conditions. Based on the practice and analysis that exist without deposit offers, the average is 50 Euros or 3,000 rubles. In the case of withdrawal of funds, you must make a minimum deposit in the institution, sometimes this is not required.

Before using a deposit bonus for registration, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the above parameters. This will protect you from possible unpleasant incidents and allow you to have a good time at the place. For clarity, it should look like without a deposit offer, we will offer an offer available to players who complete the registration procedure at the online casino Bobcasino: “After registration, the player will receive 10 free spins with a wager of 40 and a maximum withdrawal amount of 50 Euros. The amount of the bet in the wagering process is limited to 5 Euro. ” We gave this example, since this casino introduces the player to the conditions of the bonus, and a link to the detailed rules is located in the description of the bonus. Such a thorough hike indicates that the casino is not trying to mislead the player and is as transparent as possible.

No deposit bonus as a casino promotion

He will receive it, either any player can either as a personal offer from a personal manager or as a gift for participating in a loyalty program or as a birthday present. Sometimes this is part of the casino loyalty policy. For example, in the Playamo casino, players who made deposits during the week, on the next one get no deposit free spins. In general, there may be a lot of reasons for each institution individually.

The difference between this type of bonus and “no deposit bonus for registration” is that these offers are for the most part not limited in terms of the amount of possible withdrawal and have a significantly lower wager value. But do not forget that in any case it is worth wondering on what conditions you are given this type of bonus.


It’s definitely worth using deposit bonuses of any type. The obvious reason is a gift that does not require the player to replenish the account. But once again we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the terms of this gift. Imagine a situation where a player played for several hours in order to be able to withdraw winnings received with no deposit bonus, made a very large number of bets, but in the process broke the rules. In this case, the casino is likely to deprive him of his winnings. Which of course will be insulting. You can view the list of casinos that offer a bailout for registration on our website.