Game system for beginners

Do you have the urge to play different money games, but do not know how or are you afraid of losing? If you have decided to play a game, such as roulette, for the first time in a casino, you should first familiarize yourself with the rules of the game so you can see how the different roulette variations can be and how the game is played.

This will certainly not spoil your entertainment, but it will be very beneficial for you.

The basic method of success is very simple. First, split the amount you are ready to lose into two halves for which you buy chips in the casino.

Then choose an online casino with roulette where you can place minimum bets on columns or dozens (in most online casinos it is 1 unit of currency ($, €) ie 1 Euro. dozens or columns include numbers that have already fallen and fall.

Then try to bet 1 Euros on two selected dozens or columns several times. In the case of winnings, you will always pay 1 Euro for the total payout ratio. After you win some money, you can double or combine your bets with each other (always two dozen and two columns). Of course, you do not always have to bet every spin – choose intuition betting moments.

If you are lucky and win 30 Euro, then transfer your starting half of the money in chips previously earned to play money. Then take the money you win and bet it intuitively on numbers, hoping to win with some really big payout ratio. Whenever you manage to win a sum, say ten or fifteen units, turn it into money again.

In case you are not successful in the numbers, go back to the odds betting with the first half of the originally bet money. Under favorable circumstances, you may be able to raise enough capital to make another attempt at betting on numbers or combinations thereof. If you’re not doing well from the start, use the other half of your funds and go for a game of blackjack. Here’s how to make bets according to intuition – but never place the same high stakes on each turn.

If you get back to your starting money, replace half your chips for cash and play with the rest. If you do not succeed again, leave the blackjack and start betting on the other half of the money (using chips with a minimum value). If you lose all the capital for the game, leave the casino with a clear conscience. But leave the casino even if you have twice the money after a happy game on your account.

In case of failure, you may be reassured that you have done your best for the tactical game, but this time the fortune was against. Leave the next visit to the casino for other days