Manufacturers of licensed casino games

Any success or failure depends on the content of the online casino. In order to achieve success and honor among players, manufacturers of licensed casino games must adhere to certain requirements for their suppliers:

  • No fakes, all software should be as clean as possible, i.e. have documents confirming the passage of all quality checks and at least one license for gambling activities;
  • In the 21st century, people prefer mobile devices and tablets, i.e. what is always at hand, so high-quality content is equally adapted for portable devices with Internet access;
  • To affect all categories of citizens, self-respecting manufacturers of slots create applications that even those with a slow Internet connection can play for various reasons;
  • High-quality graphics and animation are also important now, because the players of the old generation are already fed up with games from the past, and the players of the new generation love games that thrill the mind;
  • The RTP level (theoretical return) must be at least 90%, while at the present time any manufacturer seeks to ensure that the return of slots is at least 94-96%.

The history of slots

Perhaps you will be surprised, but the first prototype of the slot appeared at the end of the 19th century, namely in 1887 thanks to Charles Frey! He represented a floor-standing mechanism, during which the player had to pull the handle. Players personally calculated the best way to stop the motion of the gaming machine to create a winning combination. The next global step in the world of gambling was made by the American company Bally Technologies – it released the first ever electronic 3-reel slot called Money Honey, which forever entered the history of gambling. Then joined the company Sircoma, the technology of which is used until now – in 1980 it was she who began to use a random number generator. Today, any provider certifies its slots to ensure maximum game integrity. After that, companies began to appear that began to create slot machines, and with the development of technology, they also switched to online gambling. Among such manufacturers of slots it is worth noting such pillars as Novomatic (1980 creation), Amatic (1993), Microgaming (1994), NetEnt (1996), Playtech (1999).


All existing manufacturers of licensed casino games work not only on the number of attracted players, but also on quality. And if some manufacturers adhere to the idea that it is necessary to create not only slots that keep up with the times, but also to please players who like classic 3-drum slots, others hold the opinion that in the 21st century people have no right and the desire to play the games of the old era, creating the most real works of art. Let’s look at those and other manufacturers of licensed slots:

  • Novomatic is an Austrian company with a long history, which has in its portfolio several hundred games for every taste. In addition to creating new ones, the manufacturer will improve well-forgotten old games, paying maximum attention to gaming functions. Most of the games considered to be classics created by this company.
  • Microgaming is a company established at the end of the 20th century. She creates games with interesting features, big jackpots and interesting storylines. Take at least a Playboy game.
  • A new generation of software manufacturers is represented by companies such as Rabcat. The development team has licenses and, of course, works for the young and modern generation, creating beautiful slots that delight not only for its honesty, but also for its plot. Since each slot is different in quality, meaningful plot and unique theme, the games do not go out as often as many players would like, however, receiving a novelty from the manufacturer, it remains in the hearts of many. So, in their slots you will find animated videos, non-plots and even humor.
  • Yggdrasil is another newfangled slot manufacturer. Like Rabcat in his slots, he uses excellent sound, high-quality graphics and 3D technology, allowing not only to play, but to be his hero. Today, any online casino prefers to use not only the games of the most well-known software makers, but also to choose lesser-known, recently started its way, but responsible, having licenses and permissions from different jurisdictions. The manufacturers of the slots made the main conclusion in their activity – you need to feel the mood of the players, seasoned with the quality of their games and this will certainly lead to success, you just have to be patient!