Roulette – Why Play It?

The commonly used term for games where money is played, and hence for casino games, is the word gambling. It is interesting to note that this term originates in the Az-Azur Arabic, which means a dice. The modern six-sided cube was used in the territory of today’s India and Iraq as early as about 3000 BC.

Betting games have captivated people since time immemorial and many times it has been at the expense of their money, common sense and sometimes life. For a gambling game, we can surely consider such a game in which the ratio of winnings paid to the ratio of wagered amounts to the disadvantage of the bettor.

If this is not the case and the payout would be in favor of the bettor, it is not a gambling but a profitable investment. For such an investment, generating profits for a certain period of time is mathematically guaranteed. An advantageous investment is the operation of a casino whose operators have a profit-to-win ratio to their advantage. This is due to the very nature of casino games. Their rules are designed to provide a profit to the Casino in the long run.

For example, for single-zero roulette, the casino’s guaranteed stake for stand-alone numbers is 1/37, which is 2.7%. In practice, this means that the players give the casino an average of 2.7 euros out of every 100 euros wagered. Why, then, do people enthusiastically play roulette when they are among the games with unpleasant success prospects? It’s very simple – roulette has many followers, as it is a very exciting and entertaining gambling game where you can also win and if you know and control the betting conditions, you will not play roulette too often and you will be able to manage well with the funds you earmarked for the game.

Professional roulette players in the casino don’t just rely on luck and never bet on just one bet. Professional players assess the amount of probable profit in relation to their probability and always realize how much money they are able to bet in roulette games without ruining it.

The profit-to-win ratio and certain bets cannot be changed, but it is possible to influence the betting system itself. You can try to bet a certain amount of money on one chance and try your luck in the game or, on the contrary, spread your game capital into several chances. It’s just a matter of your ability, nature and calculation to play at risk.

Gaming systems as such, which are used in gambling, serve primarily to prevent the player from losing money to avoid losing and leaving the game. The basic rule of betting is not, as many think, to make money, but not to lose it. And then happiness itself is only a reward for skill, perseverance and self-restraint in the game.