SCOOP WARS, Episode 4: New Hopes

In the last minutes of the calm before the main storm of the championship Repairion presents an overview of the successes of Russian-speaking players and names the main contenders for prize maines.

This week, PokerStars has pleased tournament poker fans with a few pleasant surprises.

Firstly, the SCOOP series itself was extended by as much as 12 days, until the end of May, and tournaments in the schedule are now not 240, but 372! The total guarantee has grown to 135 million dollars – this record of the times of the “quarantine poker renaissance” is unlikely to be broken in the near future. Of the interesting tournaments added to the schedule, we note the Sunday Million for $ 109 with a prize pool of 2.5 million, which will be held on the last day of the series, May 31, shortdeck tournaments, Hold’em and Omaha mixes, as well as a scattering of tournaments for fans of limit games – badugi, 5 -card pot-limit draw, ultra-budget (from $ 5.5) 8-game tournaments and HORSE. Fans of 5-card exotic will enjoy pot-limit and unlimited Omaha tournaments, as well as – for the first time in large series – we will see Fusion poker tournaments.

Secondly, the prizes for the overall leaderboard of the series have finally been announced. The prize fund grew 4 times, and if previously only the winner got $ 25,000, now the leader of the intermediate standings will receive $ 20,000 (on May 19), and according to the results of the series, solid top prizes will go to the top three ($ 50k, $ 20k, and $ 10k, respectively).

The main event of poker spring

On Sunday evening, tournaments start at SCOOP, for the sake of which many amateurs and professionals carefully set aside nest egg from their bankrolls, and whose skid can radically change the fate of the player. After all, seven-digit prizes for the first place are at stake!

This, of course, is about the so-called main events, which traditionally for the spring championship will be held in three categories: from the democratic Low with a buy-in of $ 109 (a kind of Sunday Million “at maximum speed”) through the harsh Medium for a thousand to the main one – high roller ten thousandth.

Not so often you can see a tournament of ten thousand dollars for 600+ entries, but this is just the case when many players who never roll such limits in a regular grid (quite a few even very strong regs do not play anything more expensive than 1-2k on the series ), this particular tournament will be played “on shot”.

Despite the fact that all 3 Hold’em tournaments (individual main events, although with a much more modest prize pool, will start for Omaha lovers on the same day) are called “maines,” the tournament will be focused on the general poker community 10 thousand each, because only in it the winner is guaranteed at least 1 million dollars for first place.

It was Maine SCOOP of 10k that brought the widest fame to Italian-speaking Italian tanker Gianluca “Tankanza” Speranza, who made a feat unique in the history of online poker – he won two such major tournaments in a row, in 2018 and 2019, earning a total of more than $ 2.1 million.

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